Project Real

Project Real

Project Real is designed to provide seniors with the opportunity to work on a meaningful, independent project within a career they are interested in.

This project will take place May 13 th thru 22nd 2017. Students can do up to 14 hours senior year before those dates in preparation for career exploration.  The rationale for the project is as follows:

  1. Receive hands-on experience in a work field that interests the student.
  2. Develop the following:
    1. Work ethic
    2. Professional interactions
    3. Self-discipline
    4. Preparation and planning
  3. Have students provide community service.
  4. Encourage students’ individual pursuits of personal interests.

Note from the Counseling Department: 

During the students time at Benedictine we have had several conversations about careers, colleges, and interests.  We strongly believe that students should find a career in a field that they find interesting, intriguing, and possibly fun.   It is our hope as students are preparing to go into the next phase of their life that this experience will give them valuable insight into a potential future career field.

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