Hall of Distinction

Hall of Distinction 1

Pat Moriarty, ’73 with Mark Francioli, ‘ 71

The Hall of Distinction honors Benedictine alumni who have achieved excellence in their field and the highest esteem of their peers in their profession.  Our Induction ceremony will be held in November with the following categories being acknowledged:

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Law
  4. The Trades
  5. Entertainment/Hospitality
  6. The Military




Charles (Chuck) Noll, ’49 (posthumous), Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

Most Reverend Roger Gries, ’54, O.S.B., Auxiliary Bishop (ret.), Diocese of Cleveland

Stanley Ulchaker, ’56, Chairman and CEO (ret.), Edward Howard Advertising

Stefan Czapsky, ’69, Director of Photography, Film and Television

Dan Winterich, ’92, Supervisor, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, State of Ohio 

Call or email Mr. Mark Francioli for more information : 216.421.2080 ext. 505 or francioli@cbhs.edu

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Winterich fam

Winterich Family with Fr. Michael

Gries fam

Gries Family

Members of the Benedictine High School Hall of Distinction

March 2012:

  • Allan Byrne, ’73, actor, director, professor of theater arts
  • Joseph Chapon, ’57, founder of SuperCamps
  • Andy Fornaro, ’60, Mayfield Hts. Service Director
  • Fr. William Krizner, ’67, pastor, St. Collette Parish
  • Dr. Ed Ruskiewicz, ’64, gastroenterlogist
  • Ed Tomba, ’77, Deputy Police Chief, City of Cleveland

November 2012:

  • General Joseph T. Ellis, ’57, logistics expert
  • Ben Holbert, ’77, television news broadcaster
  • J. Michael Monteleone, ’66, malpractice/injury lawyer
  • Kevin Riley, ’80, editor-in-chief, Atlanta Journal/Constitution
  • Bill Scanlon, ’66, business agent, Pipefitters Local 120

November 2013:

  • Dr. George Askew, ’81, Chief Doctor, Children & Families
  • Leonard M. Calabrese, ’64, Dir., Catholic Community Action
  • Jack Marschall, ’71, television news broadcaster
  • Anthony Russo, ’88, film director
  • Joe Russo, ’89, film director
  • James Trueman, ’53, founder and CEO, Red Roof Inns

November 2014:

  • Dr. Paul Adams, ’69, Technology Manager, Lubrizol Corp.
  • Pat Moriarty, ’73, Vice President, Baltimore Ravens
  • Jim Peck, ’81, CEO, TransUnion LLC
  • John W. Petrus, ’53, math, computer science instructor