Faculty and Staff


Rt. Rev. Gary Hoover, OSB ’74

Abbot & Chancellor
B.A. John Carroll University
M.S.A. University of Notre Dame
gary@standrewabbey.org  ext. 207





Dr. Frank Bossu ’67

B.A. University of Notre Dame
Ph.D., Purdue University
bossu@cbhs.edu   ext. 533





Mrs. Sue Zulandt

B.A. Westminster College
M.A. John Carroll University
M.A. Grand Canyon University
zulandt@cbhs.edu  ext. 324




Rev. Michael Brunovsky, OSB

Academic Dean
B.A. John Carroll University
M.A. St. John’s University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
michael@cbhs.edu  ext. 323




Philip Bokovitz

Dean of Men
B.A. John Carroll University
M.A. St. Vincent College
bokovitz@cbhs.edu  ext. 325





Terri Wysocki

Director of Business Operations | Controller
B.S.B.A. University of Dayton
M.B.A. University of Phoenix
wysocki@cbhs.edu   ext. 339





Amanda Zima

Amanda Zima

Director of Development Operations
B.A. Cleveland State University
M.A. Cleveland State University




Melissa Cozzens-Hopkins

Director of Counseling
B.A. Catholic University of America
M.A. John Carroll University
hopkins@cbhs.edu ext. 333





Chris Lorber ’04

Athletic Director
B.A., Thiel College
lorber@cbhs.edu  ext. 343





John Ellis

Director of Admissions
B.A. Walsh University
M.A. John Carroll University
ellis@cbhs.edu  ext. 356





Faculty & Staff


Fran Alflen

Administrative Assistant
alflen@cbhs.edu  ext. 334





Joe Alflen

Maintenance Staff







Anthony Backowski

World Languages
B.A. Kent State University
M.Ed., Kent State University
backowski@cbhs.edu  ext. 539




Gary Boggs

Maintenance Staff






Rev. Timothy Buyansky, OSB ’60

B.A. Borromeo College
M.Div. St. Mary Seminary
M.A. LS Dominican University
timothy@cbhs.edu  ext. 332




Joshua Chenoweth

Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair
B.A. MuEd., Kent State University
chenoweth@cbhs.edu   ext. 509





Joseph Corsaro

Social Studies
B.A. John Carroll University
J.D. Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
corsaro@cbhs.edu  ext. 506





Dave DiGeronimo ’80

Bus Garage/Mechanic
216.421.2080 ext. 377







Richard DiGeronimo ’73

B.A. John Carroll University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
digeronimo@cbhs.edu ext. 503




Michael Fink

Social Sciences Department Chair
B.S. Wheeling Jesuit University
fink@cbhs.edu  ext. 538





Debra  First

Director of Special Events, Donor Relations and Volunteers
B.F.A. Cleveland Institute of Art
dfirst@clevelandbenedictines.org  ext. 156





Mark Francioli ‘71

English Department Chair
B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.A. John Carroll University
M.A. Case Western Reserve University
francioli@cbhs.edu   ext. 505




Thomas Gallagher

Theology Department Chair
B.A. College of Mount St. Joseph
M.A. Ursuline College
gallagher@cbhs.edu   ext.  522




Fr. Gerard Gonda

Special Projects
B.A. English John Carroll University
M.A. Liturgical Studies/University of Notre Dame
M.Ed. Bowling Green State University
gerard@cbhs.edu   ext. 533



Marty Hyland ’84

B.A. University of Dayton
M.Ed., John Carroll University
hyland@cbhs.edu  ext. 540





Thomas Jansen

Computer Science
B.S. Kent State University
jansen@cbhs.edu  ext. 543





Latricia Jethrow

B.A. Lakeland College, Sheboygan, WI
M.Ed., Notre Dame College
jethrow@cbhs.edu  ext. 510




Mark Kobylinski ’93

B.A. University of Mount Union
kobylinski@cbhs.edu   ext. 508





Rev. Bede Kotlinski, OSB

Classical Languages
B.A. Athenaeum of Ohio
M.A. John Carroll University
M.Div. St. Mary Seminary
bede@cbhs.edu   ext.276




Ryan Macik

B.S. Cleveland State University
macik@cbhs.edu ext. 541





Keith McMillin

School Counselor
B.S. Wright State University
M.Ed. John Carroll University
mcmillin@cbhs.edu  ext. 337





Whitney Mihalik

Social Sciences
B.A. Wittenberg University, M.A. University of Akron
mihalik@cbhs.edu  ext. 544




Ellen Omilanowski

Auxiliary Clerk
omilanowski@cbhs.edu  ext. 380






Andrew Parker

Campus Minister
B.A. Franciscan University of Steubenville
parker@cbhs.edu  ext. 545





Patricia Patrick

Nurse Aide
patrick@cbhs.edu  ext. 155






Kieran Patton

Marketing & Alumni Relations
patton@cbhs.edu  ext. 357





Dawn Perrotti

Main Office
Administrative Assistant
perrotti@cbhs.edu   ext. 322





Fr. Paschal Petcavage, OSB

World Languages
B.A. Marian University
M.Div., St. Mary Seminary
paschal@cbhs.edu   ext. 250




Susan Pitts

Advancement Coordinator| Saint Andrew Abbey Representative
B.S.  Hiram College
spitts@clevelandbenedictines.org  ext. 262





Dr. Ronald Polderman

B.A.    College of Wooster
M.Div., Duke University
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
polderman@cbhs.edu   ext. 301





Fr. Finbar Ramsak, OSB

M.A., S.T.B. St. Vincent Seminary
finbar@cbhs.edu ext. 273






Roy Reeves

Mathematics Department Chair
B.A. Mercyhurst University
B.A. Cleveland State University
reeves@cbhs.edu   ext. 515





Kristen Rozman

English | Student Activities Director
B.A. Case Western Reserve University
thomas@cbhs.edu ext. 504





Robert Ryan, III

B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.Ed., John Carrol University
ryan@cbhs.edu  ext. 512





Richard Salem ’90

Network Administrator
B.S. University of Dayton





Cherrie Seslow

Business Office
Accounts Payable
seslow@cbhs.edu   ext. 328






Barbara Shannon

Fine Arts
B.A. Cleveland State University
Cooper School of Art
shannon@cbhs.edu  ext. 532





James Shurtleff

Social Sciences
B.A. The Ohio State University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
shurtleff@cbhs.edu   ext.  528





Mike Stircula '05

Mike Stircula ’05

Assistant Director of Admissions
B.A. University of Akron
mstircula@cbhs.edu  ext. 235





Rob Stircula ‘97

Social Sciences
B.S.B.A. John Carroll University
M.B.A. Northcentral University
stircula@cbhs.edu  ext.  507





Ursula Szabados

Administrative Assistant
Lorain County Community College
szabados@cbhs.edu   ext. 358




Kristin Tarase

B.S. Kent State Univerity
M.Ed. Ursuline College
D.Ed. Walden University
tarase@cbhs.edu ext. 511




Mr. Justin Van Dyke

Justin Van Dyke

B.A. University of Akron
vandyke@cbhs.edu  ext. 518





Carter Welo

Carter Welo

Priory Director | Physical Education
B.A. John Carroll University
welo@cbhs.edu Ext. 385






Joy Whitbred

Joy Whitbred

Joy Whitbred
B.S. University of Buffalo
M.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
whitbred@cbhs.edu ext. 523





Angela Whitfield

Business Office
Accounts Receivable
whitfield@cbhs.edu ext. 326





Fr. Anselm Zupka, OSB ’58

World Lanaguages
Campus Ministry
B.A. Borromeo College of Ohio
M.A. John Carroll University





Algis Zyle

Assistant Network Administrator
B.S. Cleveland State University
zyle@cbhs.edu ext. 345