We are here to glorify Him!

God of Wonder and Awe, your Son, our Lord Jesus
Christ, came among us as one like ourselves, knowing
that death is the only way out of this world. He
willingly gave himself up and drank from the chalice
that you gave him, shedding his blood for the salvation
of all. Hear our prayer of Thanksgiving to you
for this tremendous Love and grant us the courage
to imitate this love to all that we meet. May we
share your goodness and praise you for your supreme
sacrifice that won our salvation and gifted us
with eternal life. In giving of himself, Jesus has given
us the bounty of the Eucharist as our strength—
his very self for our spiritual growth. May this gift
and the eternal life it represents always remind us
of the reason we are here: to glorify You at all times
and to bring your message of salvation to all. By our
Baptism, we share in His death—may we also share
in His Resurrection! Amen.

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