Benedictine Tradition Continues…

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Frank Bossu, class of 1967, has been named as the next President of Benedictine High School.  

Upon being named as the next President of Benedictine High School, Dr. Frank Bossu shared, “I am honored to be able to support the mission of Benedictine High School in such a vital role to the success of our young men. In that way, I am joining the many alumni and friends that support our faculty, administration and staff who have dedicated their lives to developing our young men in mind, body and spirit.”

It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that we thank Fr. Gerard for his many years of service in leadership roles at Benedictine High School. Fr. Gerard is passionate about devoting his talents as a teacher at Benedictine and other life-giving ministries within the Benedictine Order of Cleveland.

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