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Work is central to the mission of a Benedictine school, for its whole purpose is devoted to the ‘work’ of education and the formation of young people in the faith.  On March 28, 2017 the Engineering program was fortunate to visit Fredon.  Our students were provided with a comprehensive visit led by Rich Ditto, Vice President of Operations.  

As part of the Fredon tour our students learned about CNC Machining, Additive Manufacturing, advancements from the industry standard Bridgeport (1980), 4 and 5 axis mills, Lean Manufacturing, Castings, EDM, Assembly operations, CNC Turning, QC Scanning, Blueprint Readings, ISO, Geometric Tolerancing, Quality Control, ISO and Blueprints.

Rich also stressed the importance of professionalism and demonstrating pride in your work.

Fredon is an American Manufacturer and uses American materials.  He encouraged the students to seize opportunity, build on personal experience and the experience of mentors.

Thank you to Yvonne Schiffer and Rob Ryan for their leadership as mentors and teachers.

Fredon 3

Engineering Club 2017


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