Dr. Rubin Cockrell ’98, Named To White House Summit

Dr. Cockrell of Presidential Taskforce “My Brother’s Keeper”                                            

Tapped for White House Summit on Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow.
Partners with Metro Nashville Public School to provide students with project-based learning opportunity

Cleveland, Ohio/December 30, 2016 – Education, Government, Entrepreneurialism & Social Service:  Dr. Rubin Cockrell of the “My Brother’s Keeper” Presidential Task Force was invited by the White House to the “Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow,” Summit, and he recently designed and led a first-of-its-kind mentoring program for the Metro Nashville School System that helps students learn critical skills required to work in a collaborative tech environment.

He prides himself in the ability to work with people from “the street to the elite” and “the classroom to the boardroom.”
ITM and Dr. Cockrell are dedicated to the belief that Service to Humanity is the best work of Life! Dr. Cockrell is a man for all seasons in the arenas of global social service…A multi-award winning international speaker, author, and a native Clevelander.

A Founder /Vested Member of the Board of Advisors of ITM’s The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, a Founder/Director of The First Dragon Foundation™, Ltd., and member of the White House “My Brother‘s Keeper” Task Force, Dr. Cockrell recently was tapped by the White House again, this time to participate with 100 other talented technologists, innovators and community leaders to celebrate the success and discuss the future of the “TechHire Initiative.”

The TechHire Initiative is a nationwide, community-based movement of grass-roots partnerships that help underrepresented and overlooked job seekers start technology careers while fulfilling employers’ critical need for skilled technology workers, not only to grow and expand their businesses, but also to keep America at the forefront as a global leader in innovation.

Announced by President Obama during his March 2015 address to The National League of Cities, The TechHire Initiative was designed to create a pathway to opportunity through an accelerated pipeline of workers for an economy in gross need of technical talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, America currently has 5 million open jobs, more than at any point since 2001. Over a half million of those open jobs are information technology positions found across all sectors of the economy, making IT the largest occupational category for unfilled jobs at the present time and into the foreseeable future.
Dr. Cockrell was chosen to participate in the TechHire Initiative Summit due to his workforce development expertise and experience in many and varied sectors of business, education and government, including the Department of Defense, K-12, Higher Education, and Corrections.

When the TechHire Initiative launched in 2015, twenty-one communities and over 300 employers committed to providing Americans with the accelerated, nontraditional technical training they need to obtain better jobs and achieve better futures. TechHire partnerships specifically target, train, and support young people, ages 17-29 and other disadvantaged groups with barriers to employment, including veterans, people with disabilities, people with limited English proficiency, and people with criminal records.

Since the launch of TechHire, the initiative has grown to a network of 237 training partners and 1300 employers, in seventy-two communities across the country, helping 4000+ people find jobs, with the hope for the future to fill 100,000 tech positions by 2020.

“Tools for Intentional Excellence For  21st Century Youth Global Leaders”


Upon hearing his Commencement address this past May to graduating students of the Head Middle Magnet Prep School, a top performing Nashville, Tennessee School with a focus on math and science, principal Dr. Tonja Williams approached Dr. Cockrell about putting together a program for these exceptional young men in need of a positive influence.

Based on his Tools for Intentional Excellence for 21st Century Youth Global Leaders program, Dr. Cockrell and his company Positive Images launched a mentoring program through a partnership with Innertainment Delivery Systems (IDS) that gave thirty students selected by their teachers the chance to learn what it’s like to work on a high-tech, collaborative team.

Dr. Cockrell mentors Head Magnet Middle School
Prep students in Nashville, Tennessee

At IDS, where Dr. Cockrell serves as the Educational Director, groups of these students were partnered with a developer who helped them to complete a specified project for entities such as Facebook and Instagram that included coding, establishing a marketing plan, and making final presentations to venture capitalists. In the process, students were exercised in the critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills needed to work successfully on a team in a tech environment.

Dr. Cockrell leads Case Western Reserve University’s
Upward Bound Leadership Program, training Cleveland inner city youth on “Tools for Intentional Excellence”

This past summer, Dr. Cockrell partnered with Case Western Reserve University’s Upward Bound Program  to train Cleveland inner city youth on “Tools for Intentional Excellence for 21st Century Youth Global Leaders.” The program was based on his book The Hidden Curriculum: Life Lessons You Won’t Learn in a Classroom,  and concluded with Dr. Cockrell as the keynote speaker at the Upper Bound Graduation for participating students, family and the community.

Benedictine High School
Dr. Cockrell New Member of the Board of Trustees

Recently voted new Board of Trustee Member for Cleveland’s esteemed Benedictine High School, Dr. Cockrell officially assumed his new position at the first Board of Trustees meeting for the 2016-2017 school year and is looking forward to providing added value and being of service to the school that enriched his life so much — Cleveland Benedictine High School — “Home of the Champions”.

Dr. Cockrell formed a Strategic Alliance with ITM and became dedicated to help deliver ITM’s global platform to promote a mutual understanding of cultures through education when he learned that the company had again developed a uniquely sophisticated and newsworthy, Cleveland based, global Chinese cross cultural exchange social media programming concept within market and demographic environs complementary to the global branding interest of his company, Positive Images & Associates.


The Erie Chinese Journal & The First Dragon Foundation™ Ltd.
“Service to Humanity is the Best work of Life”

The First Dragon Foundation Erie Chinese Journal (ECJ) Coverage:
“Global Entrepreneurship Built Upon Social Service.” ECJ, Vol 292, p. 16
“TFD Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange Introduction.” ECJ,  Vol.292, p. 15
“Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life.” ECJ, Vol. 292, p. 14

ITM “Expanding Entrepreneurship with Social Service”  To Set a Global Example

Link:  Introduction to The First Dragon™, Ltd. & The First Dragon Foundation™, Ltd.
ITM BIO:  Dr. Rubin Cockrell

2015: Dr. Cockrell Appointed by White House to “My Brother’s Keeper” Presidential Task Force and the Presidential Advisory Board of the Tennessee World Affairs Council

Dr. Cockrell was appointed by the White House in 2015 to the “My Brother’s Keeper Presidential Task Force,” an initiative which is dedicated to ensuring that all youth, including boys and young men of color, have opportunities to improve their life outcomes and overcome barriers to success through STEM + E (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Entrepreneurship.) Link: White House Invitation.

Dr. Rubin Cockrell and Jack Craciun III, ITM (US) Ltd., Chairman / CEO introduce the purpose of “My Brother’s Keeper” Task Force to a global Internet radio audience from Cleveland, Ohio www.voiceitradio.com Dr. Cockrell recently arrived in Cleveland from his White House meetings for ongoing meetings with ITM regarding to establish new internet-delivered social service radio programming that will address, with global frequency and sustainability through show syndication to global internet broadcasters, the purpose of “My Brother’s Keeper” Task Force and Dr. Cockrell’s global social service dedications.

Because ITM’s dedication to merge the “Spirit of American Entrepreneurialism” with the delivery of social service dedicated to enhancing the human condition around the world mirrors the “My Brother’s Keeper” Presidential Task Force initiative, The First Dragon Foundation™ Ltd. has established this initiative as a lead social service project.

Link: Introduction to The First Dragon Foundation™, Ltd & The Future of Medicine, Inc.

In 2015, Dr. Cockrell was appointed to the Presidential Advisory Board of the Tennessee World Affairs Council, a non-profit, non-partisan education organization whose mission is to promote understanding of important international issues throughout the community and with a special focus on the region’s schools. Council members believe better community education in world affairs is necessary for sound democratic citizenship. They work to present unbiased facts from expert sources and realistic appraisals to foster free and informed discussions of problems, issues and conditions that transcend the boundaries of the United States.

With regard to ITM’s The First Dragon™ Global Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, Dr. Cockrell has stated, “In the cross-cultural platform of ITM and “The First Dragon™” lies the opportunity for the human race to ‘unlearn learned misconceptions’ of Western and Eastern cultures simultaneously. Our global purpose is to educate, enrich and empower people’s lives by overcoming ignorance and thereby the fear it breeds into prejudice.

As a Founder / Director of The First Dragon Foundation™ Ltd., Dr. Cockrell will also be working with ITM to develop its Cleveland “Immigrant Student Employment Sponsorship Project” with an eye towards implementing the program in Nashville and other cities around the country and abroad. The purpose of the project is to develop proven and sustainable long-term community economic enhancements through corporate Immigrant Student Employment Sponsorship Programs.

Dr. Cockrell is CEO of Positive Images & Associates, a global firm that specializes in educational leadership, empowerment and management consulting for clients in over 45 countries. In his role with the Nashville, TN based company, he consults, trains and creates key specific result-oriented curriculum for global business leaders, universities, government entities and non-profit organizations to help them achieve their fullest potential through maximum results within their personal lives and in their organizations around the world. Dr. Cockrell is also a Certified Mediator.
Link: The Hidden Curriculum – The Dr. Rubin Cockrell Story

Published in 2010, The Hidden Curriculum: Life Lessons You Won’t Learn in a Classroom is represented in businesses, government, the Armed Forces and educational sectors all over the globe. In addition, Dr. Cockrell is the co-author of the Leah and Rob early childhood education book series which focuses on equipping children of all ethnicities and backgrounds with the tools they need to advance their ability to become our future rising leaders.

Link: The Gathering – Achieving Your Vision – by Dr. Rubin Cockrell

On the understanding that education keeps people out of prison, Positive Images & Associates has created educational content and systems that deliver education options to people in any environment, including prison, thus lowering rates of recidivism.

At age 20, Rubin was on the verge of being incarcerated for fifteen to twenty years of federal time for illegal activities. By age 26, however, he had earned four degrees, became Dean of a university and started a global consulting company.  Today Dr. Cockrell prides himself in the ability to work with people from the “street to the elite” and the “classroom to the boardroom”.

After graduating from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business, with an emphasis on Finance and Management, Rubin received a Masters in Educational Administration (M. Ed.) from the Tennessee State University. He was awarded the distinguished Southern Regional Educational Board Doctoral Scholars Fellowship, and subsequently made history at Tennessee State University by being the youngest candidate to receive a doctoral degree. He also received certification in leadership management in a joint partnership between Harvard and Strayer Universities.

As a professor in the business department of his alma mater, Fisk University, Dr. Cockrell has had the unique opportunity to assist students in receiving internships, study-abroad trips and full employment opportunities. Although he has had the opportunity to teach around the world, Rubin considers this one of his most rewarding experiences.

To learn more about Dr. Rubin Cockrell go to http://www.drrcockrell.com/

By Jack Craciun III & Lorinda Laughlin, December 2016


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