BHS Engineering visits MTD

mtdEngineering students visit MTD Design and Research Field Trip

On December 7th the engineering club traveled to Valley City, Ohio and toured the MTD Research and Development facility.

MTD is a privately held company with their Corporate Offices sitting on a property that was once a farm purchased by
Theo Moll. An integral feature of the property is a white oak tree
estimated to be 350+ years old. The tree, with its
deep roots and strong sheltering branches, has comtd-treeme to symbolize the company’s commitment to its employees and surrounding communities. (pictured here)

As part of this commitment, MTD allowed twenty Benedictine students accompanied by
Rev. Michael Brunovsky, Academic Dean and Mrs. Yvonne Schiffer, the Engineering Club
moderator spend the day at their facility.

The group was welcomed by a Vice President of Engineering and the Human Resource Director of Talent Planning.
MTD- “For a Growing World” is celebrating their 80th year globally.

Everywhere we toured we were impressed by their corporate culture. “The past we inherit, the future we create….. “ Our students were encouraged to be driven, to do what’s right, demonstrate integrity, initiative and to always work hard to do your best. They were also encouraged to be flexible and take advantage of opportunities, work hard on teams and developing relationships.

During the plant tour of the facility we saw:mtd-visit
• Product Testing
• Prototype Development
• Dynamometer
• Noise, Vibration and Harshness Testing
• Government Validation Testing
• Modeling Shop – Tool and Die and wood shop
• 3D Modeling and Tool development
• Quality Engineering
• Robotics for Assembly and Product Development
• Service
• CCM and Wire EDM Machinery
• Pilot Plant for Assembly Development

A panel for questions and answers was held for us that included MTD personnel from the following areas:
• Configuration Management/Data Management
• Training and Education
• Embedded Systems Engineering
• Controls Engineering
• Mechanical Designs/Advanced Manufacturing
• Electrical Systems Engineering

Continued MTD opportunities:

MTD also is currently interviewing for summer seasonal product testers and our 18 year olds were encouraged to pursue employment.

MTD has also offered the potential to host a senior interested in one of their Manufacturing areas to pursue a Senior Experience/ Project Real in the spring.


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